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We offer either Double Drawn (thick from root to tip)


Natural Ratio (tapered towards the ends)

supplied in Indian, Mongolian and Russian

Hair Extensions.

Price Includes the following Services: Supply of Hair Extensions with P&P charges. Fitting and blending of the Hair Extensions. ​


Fitting Methods


This method delivers one of the most versatile and natural looking hair extension methods available on the market.

Using pre-tipped keratin bonds fitted as single strand extensions to blend and move with the natural hair perfectly. It can be used to create many different effects; add length, volume and add multiple colours. They are fitted using a heat connector, which melts the small keratin bond to a section of the client’s hair. Once melted the keratin is rolled between the technician’s fingertips to ‘fuse’ and cool into a small solid bond.

Pre-bonded hair extensions can be worn for around 3-4 months with effective aftercare and can be re-used via re-tipping for a second fitting. This method is suitable for all hair types.

Removal with use of specialist remover and tools.


The micro ring wefts combine a micro ring attachment and a hair weft. After the weft of hair is placed horizontally against the head, small sections of your natural hair and hair from the weft are gently pulled through the micro rings which are then clamped to secure the weft in place. So no need for a tight scalp braid, which means no big bump and no sewing required.

Best suited to medium/thick hair types and maintained via re-fitting every 4-6 weeks.

The hair can last between 6-12 Months dependant on the hair quality and aftercare.

This method is much quicker than the individual strand by strand pre-bonded method.

Like the application process the removal & re-fitting process is just as quick, if not quicker.

Please note that these are guide prices and that
a full quotation will be given on the day of consultation


Indian Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Method 

0.8g Strands

12-14" Double Drawn £330

16-18" Natural Ratio £305

16-18" Double Drawn £390

18-20" Natural Ratio £350

18-20" Double Drawn £430

22-24" Double Drawn £540

Indian Flat Tip/Pre Bonded Method

1g Strands


Price between: £470 - £560

(Dependant on colour required)

Russian Nail Tip/Pre Bonded Method

Natural Ratio

0.8g & 1g Strands

16-18" £345

                 18-20" £440                 


Russian Flat Tips/Pre Bonded Method 1g Strands

20-22" 1g £660

22-24" 1g £730

Removal £50 - £60

Reuse of existing Hair Extensions:

Removal - Re-tipping - Fitting £210

 Micro Weave Method

Indian Natural Ratio

Micro Weave Method


Lengths Available:

16-18" 120g £230

16-18" 180g £295

18-20" 120g £245 - £255

18-20" 180g £315 - £330

Indian Double Drawn

Micro Weave

Lengths Available:

12-14" 100g £235

18-20" 150g £375 - £420

18-20" 200g £465 - £525

22-24" 150g £435 - £470  

22-24" 200g £545 - £595

26-28" 150g £500

26-28" 200g £630

Russian Double Drawn

Micro Weave

Lengths Available:

19-20" 145g £400

20-22" 150g £410

23-24" 180g £475


Indian / Mongolian 

Micro Weft

Lengths Available:

20-21" 170g £405


Micro Weft

Lengths Available:

16-18" 150g £375

16-18" 200g £465

18-20" 170g £410

22-24" 180g £410

28-29" 220g £730

Removal £30 - £40

Maintenance £40 - £60


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